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  1. Sarahs' So


Sarahs’ So

Sarahs a little girl, born in a imperfect world
Her parents good and kind, keep her sheltered, train her mind
She goes to church and private school. memorizes, follows rules
Her parents raised the same, know no other way
Sara sings the songs, bows her head and prays

Sarah becomes a teen finds that she thinks differently
She likes girls instead of boys, preacher says that it’s a choice
Feels bad in her own skin, raised to think that it’s a sin
So they send her far away, so she can pray away the gay

Ooh Ooh Ooh When will the ignorance (just) go
Ooh Ooh Ooh Don't’ (just) let your chromosomes show
When will we see the wonder, in being able to just love another
Where there’s love this fear just cannot go (no)
Let’s stand up and tell the Sarahs’ so

Sarah’s story on the internet, shows there's hope for the world yet
Support for her just spreads and grows, abuse and ignorance exposed
And though it’s been a while, I picture Sarah with a smile
She can hold her head up high to say