The Music of leesaann

I started songwriting as a result of a brief conversation I had with a gal who was known for being intuitive. Though I have absolutely no belief in anything supernatural or believe in anything that includes "Woo", her words hit deep.  "There is something important you are supposed to do. Do you know what it is?" I immediately knew. That weekend I bought a guitar on Craig List and started to teach myself chords. I had been dying to write songs and just needed someone to give me permission. 40 songs in and nothing has been more fulfilling. 

This has been my tool to share personal thoughts and stories. Though I am mostly a romantic and love to write love songs, my main focus is on ridding the human race of religion. I was raised in a cult from birth to adulthood. I have spent over 3 decades escaping. I am at a place now where I marvel that anyone can base their lives on something so archaic which requires  faith (no evidence). That modern people in this day and age can believe in someone floating in the sky, looking down and judging us. What? 

With love and caring I try to spread the word in my songs and shows. Isn't life just amazing all by itself? When you learn the evidence based science of it all, you realize the amazing lottery we have won to be conscious and alive in this wonderful time.  Who needs more then this life? Live it to the fullest, it is all we will ever have.