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2016 04 14 19 24 01

Enthusiasm in spite of perceived failure

I love performing. I love it. I love applause, who doesn't? But after reflecting on the last few years and the Ouch! of being ousted by one of my favorite stages (low sales on the nights I performed- see last…

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2016 06 14 19 43 08

The New Nihilism is Nice

Isn't it funny how certain words can be considered negative and certain words positive. If I say religion or heaven you thinks good. If I say meaningless or nihilism you think bad or depressing. But for me personally these words…

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The Pain of Passion

Ouch! Pain! i just received an email from one of my regular venues of the last 2 years letting me know that because of low sales on the nights I play, that they could not book me fro 2018. Ouch…

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2016 08 08 21 04 39

Songwriting Therapy!

Songwriting is the most wonderful thing that I have in my life. For many many decades I  dabbled in a million things to try to find a fulfilling outlet creatively. Community Theatre, local choirs, jewelry making, writing fiction, writing non-fiction, college…

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New Album Skep-tacular!

What do I believe? I believe we are all in this together. That we have to think globally to understand the goodness that is our lives. I believe that I am rich beyond compare globally, even though by American Dream…

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2016 04 07 19 44 46 1

Just show up for the show

If you have ever wanted to join the local music scene in your town. Just go for it! The music scene here in Boulder has been very  welcoming to me. What does it take? Time and enthusiasm! Yes, I practice…

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2016 10 22 14 36 19

Sarah Podcast

My husband showed me the news story of Sarah a 17 year old lesbian girl who was sent away to a christian boarding school because her parents thought it might help her "recover" from being gay. Wow. The power of…

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2016 11 25 20 28 51

It's Been a Hard Days Night

Wow, thank god for music. When a day is hard hard hard and stressful music is my mecca Being able to just play and play or go out and play for some peeps is so soothing to my soul and…

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2017 07 29 14 37 39

Loving and Hating Lines

My mind is thinking about lines. Right now the lines I am thinking about are in two categories. Good and Bad! The good lines are the lines of lyrics that I am writing. Is it okay to say you really…

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  • Timothy

    Timothy Sparks, NV

    Great website. So excited to see you live in Rancho Cordova, CA last month (Feb). Keep up the wonderful creativity. Thanks for sharing yourself.

    Great website. So excited to see you live in Rancho Cordova, CA last month (Feb). Keep up the wonderful creativity. Thanks for sharing yourself.

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Cannon Mine Coffee, 210 S Public Road, Lafayette

Come back to where it all started at Cannon Mine Coffee in Lafayette. They have amazing coffee but of course you can also get a beer or wine and a great salad, sandwich or snack. LeesaAnn started her career here at Cannon Mine and is thrilled to be playing here!