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The New Nihilism is Nice 

Isn't it funny how certain words can be considered negative and certain words positive. If I say religion or heaven you thinks good. If I say meaningless or nihilism you think bad or depressing. But for me personally these words mean something different. I write and sing about this a lot. So be open to changing your mind about words. To me heaven is a negative word because it reminds me that many people are living with a fear of death in their minds, a need for something after life. Religion is a word to me that means control, ignorance and believing something with no evidence, a hiding from science and all the amazement of physics and the universe. 

The words Nihilism and meaningless bring a huge smile to my face. They remind me of the lottery of life that we have won just being conscious on this tiny blue dot. How many lives did not come into being so that you could? A male human has 525 billion sperm in one lifetime. Your Dad probably had 1-5 kids. You have already won. If your life is good and you have love, why would anyone need anything more than that to believe in? After that? Discovering the joys of this life and needing nothing in addition or after is when I really started living. Life is now, the little moments now are the sweetest things. There is no point or reason or meaning and that is the most freeing thought you can have. Waiting and hoping, with faith, for something big after, forever and ever, takes away from now, which is all we have. 

A good book to read if you love this stuff like I do is The Big Picture by Sean M. Carroll. I think I feel another song coming on about this.......


The Pain of Passion 

Ouch! Pain! i just received an email from one of my regular venues of the last 2 years letting me know that because of low sales on the nights I play, that they could not book me fro 2018. Ouch! Tears! Oh so personal and deep. What I remember is the full house of great people who seemed to be genuinely enjoying and interacting with me. I guess they did not buy enough! I will say the last show I did there was kinda pitiful. Low turn out and kinda quiet. It ebbs and flows. So after a little pity party, I remembered I had a sheet of motivating quotes by other performers. One of my favorites is "You do You. A lot of people try to duplicate others. But what makes someone connect with you is being yourself. Learning to love who you are is one of the most important things you can do. " jasmine Sullivan. So I decided to let this be a super motivator for me and have made 2018 the year of improving my guitar and songwriting skills! I emailed my my songwriting teacher Theresa and we are making a plan to really get together more. Maybe taking some of the existing songs and re working them. So, this painful moment will become, I hope, an impetus to some wonderful music. I hope you will stick with me through this and maybe enjoy some cool new tunes throughout the next 12 months.  LeesaAnn

Songwriting Therapy! 

Songwriting is the most wonderful thing that I have in my life. For many many decades I  dabbled in a million things to try to find a fulfilling outlet creatively. Community Theatre, local choirs, jewelry making, writing fiction, writing non-fiction, college courses, running, making work my life and many others. None of these could quite fill the need for a truly creative emotional outlet. Songwriting has so many parts that make my neurons dance and exhaust their electricity!

First the inspiration ( a bit of a melody or a lyric idea) that just appears out of nowhere on a regular basis, then the lyric writing which can gobble up a day in what feels like a couple hours. Then trying to find a melody with my limited guitar experience. Each time I try to do something a little different in melody, strum and timing, though they all seem to come out sounding like a LeesaAnn song. The more experience I get under my belt and more diverse I think they will become. So songwriting also gives me the learning and practice time on skills. I look forward to this growth and practice (unlike the childhood alto sax practice!).

The best part is the emotional outlet songwriting gives me. I will write and bawl my head off as the song comes together lyrically and melodically. Sometimes I don't know where the best parts come from. That's the magic.

Songwriting is my flow activity, my meditation, my anti-anxiety med my life. LeesaAnn

New Album Skep-tacular! 

What do I believe? I believe we are all in this together. That we have to think globally to understand the goodness that is our lives. I believe that I am rich beyond compare globally, even though by American Dream standards I live simply. I believe the world is getting better and better. I believe the internet is the answer to stopping world atrocities by getting them in to every home and we can collectively answer "No More!".

I believe that the wonder and awe of reality is far beyond any supernatural beliefs humans have invented to alleviate their fears.I You are made of STAR DUST! I believe we can rid the planet of all forms of fundamentalist thinking and the terror it brings. I believe music is a big part of the answer. I believe my songs are a tiny dot on the "I" in the word Atheism. PLEASE check out my new mini album  SKEP-TACULAR! It has 2 studio recordings and 2 home recordings and is available for download with lyrics. 


Just show up for the show 

If you have ever wanted to join the local music scene in your town. Just go for it! The music scene here in Boulder has been very  welcoming to me. What does it take? Time and enthusiasm! Yes, I practice at home and songwriting is also a solo endeavor for me. But taking it out to the public is very social. The great musicians and fans I have met has totally changed my life. Going out to open mic, pounding the pavement (and the digital pavement with my fingers) to book gigs, going the local songwriters meetings, these are all important. But I have most enjoyed and benefited in many ways from just going out to hear others perform.Look through the local listing for live music and most importantly, go out to hear the musicians who are promoting their gigs at the open mics you attend. Seeing a friendly face (you) in the audience is one of the best thing you can do for a fellow musician. You know how it makes you feel, so JUST SHOW UP for your fellow songwriters. I do this on a regular basis and Love it. I watch and learn about guitar playing and about performing.
The last show I had a whole row was filled with fellow musicians from around town. My performance was effected in a meaningful way and because I was so supported I think I had one of my best performance ever. Do this for others! Happy gigging!

Sarah  Podcast

My husband showed me the news story of Sarah a 17 year old lesbian girl who was sent away to a christian boarding school because her parents thought it might help her "recover" from being gay. Wow. The power of the internet just thrills me more each year. Making the story known through her actor cousin Jeremy Jordon ending up causing her release. She was literally locked up for being gay. While I am sad for Sarah that she had to endure this lack of love, I am smiling because her story will help make change. I was playing chords this morning after my guitar lesson with Theresa and the song just came. I hope you will enjoy Sarahs So and share it with everyone.
  1. Sarahs So

It's Been a Hard Days Night 

Wow, thank god for music. When a day is hard hard hard and stressful music is my mecca Being able to just play and play or go out and play for some peeps is so soothing to my soul and also gives me energy. Work, relationships, parenting, getting it all done......most of the time we can pull it all off and enjoy. Add a draining cold or flu and everything feel slower harder and heavier I hope everyone one out there of all ages has something to blow the stress away like I can with music. Last night I was tired and stressed and went out to play some songs for some folks at  a local brewery. Even though my performance was not 100% top notch, my spirit was healed by sharing music, chatting with other musicians and fans and seeing friendly faces. If you don't have a healthy life escape in your bag of tricks I highly recommend it. Music, books, movies, exercise whatever works for you... I just bought one of those adult coloring books and a new box of 50 colored pencils.... that works too. LeesaAnn local. lyrical. original. 

Loving and Hating Lines 

My mind is thinking about lines. Right now the lines I am thinking about are in two categories. Good and Bad! The good lines are the lines of lyrics that I am writing. Is it okay to say you really love your own lyrics? I think you have too. These lines make me feel purged, complete, creative and happy. Okay, now for the bad lines....these are the ones that I see on my face. Oh cruel time! Why didn't I enjoy the flawless line free face of my youth!! Why did I buy every cosmetic product ever manufactured when I did not need them. Now that I do need them, I am wise enough to know not to buy them. "Magical sea extracts that smooth fine lines and lift! " Baloney. 
So right when I am at my most creative and fulfilled, my face is betraying me. My new cosmetic fix is going to be music. The natural glow I get from a appreciative audience, the lift I get when I write something that is emotional for me, the fulfillment  when my creativity is spent. What I am producing creatively says much more about me than what I search for in the 3X magnifying mirror. (Why do I have this?). So I will concentrate less on the lines and really pour myself into my lines. 

LeesaAnn - Goodbye Nerves!! 

After a year of  playing open mics 2-3 times a week starting January 2015, well my performance nerves are gone G O N E gone!! Okay, I still get a little butterfly when I am at a new venue, but it goes away POOF! after the first song. Especially if the host of the open mic is friendly and inviting, which they all seem to be. 
Now I am starting to gig where I am the only performer for 1 - 3 hours and again, after a song or 2 nerves are gone.

So here's the point finally:
You CAN DO YOUR DREAM! I bought a guitar and started songwriting 2 years ago. Now I am gigging and starting to record! so, go for it!!!

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  • Timothy

    Timothy Sparks, NV

    Great website. So excited to see you live in Rancho Cordova, CA last month (Feb). Keep up the wonderful creativity. Thanks for sharing yourself.

    Great website. So excited to see you live in Rancho Cordova, CA last month (Feb). Keep up the wonderful creativity. Thanks for sharing yourself.

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