The Pain of Passion

Ouch! Pain! i just received an email from one of my regular venues of the last 2 years letting me know that because of low sales on the nights I play, that they could not book me fro 2018. Ouch! Tears! Oh so personal and deep. What I remember is the full house of great people who seemed to be genuinely enjoying and interacting with me. I guess they did not buy enough! I will say the last show I did there was kinda pitiful. Low turn out and kinda quiet. It ebbs and flows. So after a little pity party, I remembered I had a sheet of motivating quotes by other performers. One of my favorites is "You do You. A lot of people try to duplicate others. But what makes someone connect with you is being yourself. Learning to love who you are is one of the most important things you can do. " jasmine Sullivan. So I decided to let this be a super motivator for me and have made 2018 the year of improving my guitar and songwriting skills! I emailed my my songwriting teacher Theresa and we are making a plan to really get together more. Maybe taking some of the existing songs and re working them. So, this painful moment will become, I hope, an impetus to some wonderful music. I hope you will stick with me through this and maybe enjoy some cool new tunes throughout the next 12 months.  LeesaAnn

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