The New Nihilism is Nice

Isn't it funny how certain words can be considered negative and certain words positive. If I say religion or heaven you thinks good. If I say meaningless or nihilism you think bad or depressing. But for me personally these words mean something different. I write and sing about this a lot. So be open to changing your mind about words. To me heaven is a negative word because it reminds me that many people are living with a fear of death in their minds, a need for something after life. Religion is a word to me that means control, ignorance and believing something with no evidence, a hiding from science and all the amazement of physics and the universe. 

The words Nihilism and meaningless bring a huge smile to my face. They remind me of the lottery of life that we have won just being conscious on this tiny blue dot. How many lives did not come into being so that you could? A male human has 525 billion sperm in one lifetime. Your Dad probably had 1-5 kids. You have already won. If your life is good and you have love, why would anyone need anything more than that to believe in? After that? Discovering the joys of this life and needing nothing in addition or after is when I really started living. Life is now, the little moments now are the sweetest things. There is no point or reason or meaning and that is the most freeing thought you can have. Waiting and hoping, with faith, for something big after, forever and ever, takes away from now, which is all we have. 

A good book to read if you love this stuff like I do is The Big Picture by Sean M. Carroll. I think I feel another song coming on about this.......


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