Songwriting Therapy!

Songwriting is the most wonderful thing that I have in my life. For many many decades I  dabbled in a million things to try to find a fulfilling outlet creatively. Community Theatre, local choirs, jewelry making, writing fiction, writing non-fiction, college courses, running, making work my life and many others. None of these could quite fill the need for a truly creative emotional outlet. Songwriting has so many parts that make my neurons dance and exhaust their electricity!

First the inspiration ( a bit of a melody or a lyric idea) that just appears out of nowhere on a regular basis, then the lyric writing which can gobble up a day in what feels like a couple hours. Then trying to find a melody with my limited guitar experience. Each time I try to do something a little different in melody, strum and timing, though they all seem to come out sounding like a LeesaAnn song. The more experience I get under my belt and more diverse I think they will become. So songwriting also gives me the learning and practice time on skills. I look forward to this growth and practice (unlike the childhood alto sax practice!).

The best part is the emotional outlet songwriting gives me. I will write and bawl my head off as the song comes together lyrically and melodically. Sometimes I don't know where the best parts come from. That's the magic.

Songwriting is my flow activity, my meditation, my anti-anxiety med my life. LeesaAnn

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