Sisters Reunite!!

So I reconnected with my older sister Sharon when I made a trip out to California when our mom had a heart attack and bypass surgery. (Mom is doing great!) I asked her to please please come visit me in Boulder. A couple months later she came for 2 weeks! Such a great time of blabbing and getting to know each other again.  

One amazing realization we both had was that our older teens (4 kids ages 17-19) needed to GET JOBS  AND GET A LIFE!!! We both had talks with them and gave them a date to be OUT ON THEIR OWN. I am happy to say that less than 1 month since her visit ALL the young people have jobs and we are both moving into cute little apartments with our wonderful husbands and ditching the big house life. THIS VISIT AND MUCH NEEDED LIFE CHANGE WAS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR EVERYONE IN OUR FAMILIES!!

We had always sung when we were younger and I asked her if she might like to try doing some harmonies on a couple of my original songs. This led to a most enjoyable rabbit hole of time in my music studio and hours and hours of singing! The result is the 2 new videos I have added to my music page! Granite Faces (which she helped my rewrite a bit) and Breath to Air, which is an older original of mine that she just fell in love with. Here's to Sisters in their 50's becoming besties again!!! LeesaAnn

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