New Album Skep-tacular!

What do I believe? I believe we are all in this together. That we have to think globally to understand the goodness that is our lives. I believe that I am rich beyond compare globally, even though by American Dream standards I live simply. I believe the world is getting better and better. I believe the internet is the answer to stopping world atrocities by getting them in to every home and we can collectively answer "No More!".

I believe that the wonder and awe of reality is far beyond any supernatural beliefs humans have invented to alleviate their fears.I You are made of STAR DUST! I believe we can rid the planet of all forms of fundamentalist thinking and the terror it brings. I believe music is a big part of the answer. I believe my songs are a tiny dot on the "I" in the word Atheism. PLEASE check out my new mini album  SKEP-TACULAR! It has 2 studio recordings and 2 home recordings and is available for download with lyrics. 


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