Loving and Hating Lines

My mind is thinking about lines. Right now the lines I am thinking about are in two categories. Good and Bad! The good lines are the lines of lyrics that I am writing. Is it okay to say you really love your own lyrics? I think you have too. These lines make me feel purged, complete, creative and happy. Okay, now for the bad lines....these are the ones that I see on my face. Oh cruel time! Why didn't I enjoy the flawless line free face of my youth!! Why did I buy every cosmetic product ever manufactured when I did not need them. Now that I do need them, I am wise enough to know not to buy them. "Magical sea extracts that smooth fine lines and lift! " Baloney. 
So right when I am at my most creative and fulfilled, my face is betraying me. My new cosmetic fix is going to be music. The natural glow I get from a appreciative audience, the lift I get when I write something that is emotional for me, the fulfillment  when my creativity is spent. What I am producing creatively says much more about me than what I search for in the 3X magnifying mirror. (Why do I have this?). So I will concentrate less on the lines and really pour myself into my lines. 

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