Just show up for the show

If you have ever wanted to join the local music scene in your town. Just go for it! The music scene here in Boulder has been very  welcoming to me. What does it take? Time and enthusiasm! Yes, I practice at home and songwriting is also a solo endeavor for me. But taking it out to the public is very social. The great musicians and fans I have met has totally changed my life. Going out to open mic, pounding the pavement (and the digital pavement with my fingers) to book gigs, going the local songwriters meetings, these are all important. But I have most enjoyed and benefited in many ways from just going out to hear others perform.Look through the local listing for live music and most importantly, go out to hear the musicians who are promoting their gigs at the open mics you attend. Seeing a friendly face (you) in the audience is one of the best thing you can do for a fellow musician. You know how it makes you feel, so JUST SHOW UP for your fellow songwriters. I do this on a regular basis and Love it. I watch and learn about guitar playing and about performing.
The last show I had a whole row was filled with fellow musicians from around town. My performance was effected in a meaningful way and because I was so supported I think I had one of my best performance ever. Do this for others! Happy gigging!

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