It's Been a Hard Days Night

Wow, thank god for music. When a day is hard hard hard and stressful music is my mecca Being able to just play and play or go out and play for some peeps is so soothing to my soul and also gives me energy. Work, relationships, parenting, getting it all done......most of the time we can pull it all off and enjoy. Add a draining cold or flu and everything feel slower harder and heavier I hope everyone one out there of all ages has something to blow the stress away like I can with music. Last night I was tired and stressed and went out to play some songs for some folks at  a local brewery. Even though my performance was not 100% top notch, my spirit was healed by sharing music, chatting with other musicians and fans and seeing friendly faces. If you don't have a healthy life escape in your bag of tricks I highly recommend it. Music, books, movies, exercise whatever works for you... I just bought one of those adult coloring books and a new box of 50 colored pencils.... that works too. LeesaAnn local. lyrical. original. 

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